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The Misadventures of a Young Punk

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Get one of your own! by Drunken Hero

Stalkers are twats. A cautionary tale from toshi_hijikata.

okita_sojirou is stalking toshi_hijikata
okita_sojirou’s REAL name : Craft Andrews
okita_sojirou’s REAL DOB : 17th September 1987
Height :190 cm Weight : 61.4 kg
okita_sojirou has dreamt about you : 14 times
okita_sojirou became interested in you : 31st August 2004
okita_sojirou’s latest dream about you
okita_sojirou dreams that you are standing before them in a crowded train station, flailing your ass-naked body around the room. Just for them.
This is how okita_sojirou describes your relationship behind your back
‘toshi_hijikata is my best friend in the whole world. When he dies I’m thinking of stuffing him and placing him beside my television.’
okita_sojirou’s been stealing stuff from your house too.
okita_sojirou enjoys collecting toshi_hijikata’s dead pets for a living.
They’ve even started modifying their body for you
okita_sojirou took a bit far when they gouged your name into their arm with a tablespoon.
They sent the following message to you in a Valentines
The world cannot take away what we have. We are destined to be two lovebirds entwined eternally in our love for one another. To cut the crap, do you fancy a fuck?

The Police
No. calls to the police : 21 times
Your Last Call to The Police
"Police! I need your assistance, someones trying to climb in through my window. It’s a stalker I met off the internet. They’ve been harassing me for months now. I can’t walk down the street without them following me. Come quickly and make sure you bring a couple of baseball bats. I could do with beating this fucker into submission."
okita_sojirou’s Police File
okita_sojirou is a deeply troubled young man.

Testimonies about okita_sojirou
isami_kondou - Stone dead tripper
‘I’m completely fucking gutted to hear about all of this. I always liked okita_sojirou. Are you sure you’re accusing the right person?’
ayumu_kunoichi - Breastfeeder of Cats
‘okita_sojirou was always one of us. One of the gang. We never suspected anything. I’m really shocked..’
jikkenrou - Drunken Posse
‘Fucks sake! okita_sojirou’s been stitched up, that toshi_hijikata has always been a right scheming fucker. It’s a disgrace.’
misc_mibu_ppl - Worships the sun
‘I used to love okita_sojirou. This news has broke my heart. I feel like beating the shit out of that bastard, seriously. What a dick.’

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I remember thinking that Sensei was being very unfair about the matter. What was the big deal anyway? Why shouldn't the brat have his own sword?

In hindsight, I know now that my feelings were clouded by my frustration over not being allowed to have one of my own simply because I was a "farmer". I knew what it was like to be denied something that I wanted from the bottom of my heart. It made me entirely too sympathetic to his plight. Being so young myself, I lacked the wisdom to understand why Kondo Shusuke had forbidden it. And so I foolishly decided to take matters into my own hands. I might could not do anything about my situation, but I could certainly do something to help the brat.

Having recently become a peddler selling my family's Ishida Sanyaku medicine to area dojo, I had managed to save a small amount of money. Not enough to buy a really famous blade, but I figured any sword would be good enough for a runt. It was at a small shop in Kawagoe that I finally found one that would suffice - a Kiyomitsu Kaga. I remember thinking that it would be a very practical sword for a beginning swordsman.

It seemed to only take me half the usual time to make the return trip to Edo. I quickly made my way to the Shieikan, which was in Ichigaya, and quietly slipped through the front gate. No one was around and I was able to get to the guest quarters without having to explain the odd package I had brought with me. Hiding it under my bedding in the closet, I went to find him.

"Souji! Hey brat, where are you hiding?" I hollered as I stepped into the main part of the house.
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-Toshi wears mostly black and grey clothing. The only color he ever adds to his wardrobe is the red hairband and a red haori.

-He's mostly the PMK Hijikata. I do add some of the real man's history in to add to his background. Some other stuff may filter in from elsewhere, but he's really mostly PMK.

-He's a bit more sociable than the older PMK Hijikata at this point. Only a bit...

-At the start of the game, Hijikata will be seriously considering joining the Shieikan full-time. He will be peddling less often and spending more of his time around the dojo. The only thing holding him back is Kondo Shusuke's warning that he will have to start his training all over.

-The only things he owns are his medicine chest, the tools to make the medicine with, and some clothing. He also has his fencing gear, but no real sword of his own. He generally has some books that he's borrowed from Kojima-san.

-He's especially fond of pickled radish, ume blossoms, and the color red.

-He has not yet started smoking a pipe.

-He's usually seen with a sprig of grass hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

-He tends to sleep late and be grouchier in the morning than at other times.

-Because he is seriously considering his training right now, Toshi has broken it off with his regular gals in Yoshiwara and around the town. Obviously that doesn't mean he won't be open to new love affairs. In the past he's been something of a playboy and this has caused those around him a lot of headaches over the last few years...

-Read the prior two entries for additional info about Hijikata's past.
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I don't know exactly when I began to suspect it, but there was always the vague notion in my mind that Kiroku really didn't want to be responsible for a younger brother. Yes, he always treated me kindly and I never wanted for anything, but there was something... lacking, shall we say? It felt to me as if there was no geniune bond between us as there should have been between brothers. There were times when I thought I was more like an outsider he was obliged to care for than a family member.

Toshi continues his story about his first job here.Collapse )
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They say that my father was a good man. Women used to fall for him all the time because he was considered to be unusually handsome. He wasn't the sort to talk or smile much and he could be strict at times. However those who knew him say he actually had a very gentle spirit. They also say that I am very much like him when I am not behaving like a "punk". I wouldn't know though. My father died of tuberculosis before I was born.

Rest of the story continues here.Collapse )

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